Holiday by the sea

The Villaggio Mare Verde is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Tuscany, inside the Natural Coastal Park of Sterpaia, surrounded by the Maremma countryside, vineyards and fields of sunflowers. The beautiful scenes you have admired on a postcard from Tuscany are exactly what you will see here in the Etruscan Coast district, where beauty and tradition, culture and food sea and countryside come together as one. The beaches around the Villaggio Mare Verde, that can be reached by car, on a bike or on foot, are mostly sandy and although there are a few fully equipped beach resorts, there are also stretches of beach that can be accessed free of charge. There is also a beach near the Village that is dog friendly, whilst another equipped for disabled people, is also suitable for families with young children in pushchairs and buggies.

The Natural Coastal Park of Sterpaia

There are several places in the park – which stretches out alongside the Village – that provide easy access to the sea, some of which can be reached by bike along trails that run through the park, whilst others are suitable for people travelling in a car. The main beaches are at Carlappiano (, Mortelliccio (, Carbonifera, Perelli and Torre Mozza.
The seaboard here gently slops down towards the sea where there is a long stretch of shallow water that makes it ideal for families with young children. This area is particularly well known for a bar called the “Nano Verde” -famous for its cocktails, live music and hammocks – all of which make it a venue loved by children, teenagers and families alike.

The Gulf of Baratti

The beach in the Gulf of Baratti, overlooked by the Castle of Populonia, is a pearl wrapped in the embrace of the waters in the gulf, where the colours of typical Mediterranean brush merge with the blue of the sea. There is a choice of both organized bathing establishments and free beaches, and there are restaurants and car parks too.
The necropolis of the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia – custodian of whatever remains of the ancient Etruscan civilisation that once thrived here- lies behind the beach, which is only a few minutes car-ride away from the Villaggio Mare Verde. It is also a wonderful place to experience the unforgettable sight of the setting sun on the horizon as it sinks down beneath the sea.

The Rimigliano Nature Reserve

All the beach areas in this nature reserve can be accessed free of charge except for the Dog Beach where deckchairs and umbrellas are available. There are bathrooms and showers are positioned at various places along the beach.
The beach in the Rimigliano Nature Reserve stretches for some 6 km to San Vincenzo, a well-known local tourist resort.
The entire seaboard is flanked by the park’s wood, inside which visitors will find tables and benches where they can sit and eat as well as trekking and mountain-bike trails to explore.

Mortelliccio, Carbonifera & Torre Mozza

The famous and very popular sandy beaches in the Natural Coastal Park of Sterpaia are all Blue flag rated thanks to the outstanding quality of the seawater here. That, and the shallow depth of the sea makes it ideal for children, whilst the pinewood at the back of the beach provides plenty of cool shade to escape to during the hottest part of the day. Torre Mozza is known for the natural swimming pool that has formed beneath the ancient watch tower that has never ceased to stand guard over its waters.

Photo Gallery

A few pictures of the beaches and their surroundings