The territory

The Villaggio Mare Verde is located in a part of Tuscany that is full of attractions and places to visit, ranging from archaeological parks and nature reserves to characteristic medieval villages and fun parks loved by young and old alike. Why not take advantage of its location and use it as a base from which to explore the towns, villages and magical views throughout the Maremma district? Those willing to go a few extra miles will also benefit from being at the cross roads that lead to Tuscany’s most famous Art Cities: Pisa (110 km), Siena (80 km), Florence (150 km), Lucca (140 km), San Gimignano and Volterra.

Archaeological Parks

The Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia

One characteristic of this famous park is that it stretches from what remains of the Acropolis in Populonia to the burial mounds on the beach at the Gulf of Baratti that are part of the San Cerbone necropolis. There is a trail leading from the acropolis that runs through the wood and offers captivating views over the sea.
The area is easily reached and only a few minutes-long car drive away from the Villaggio Mare Verde.

The Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro

This fascinating Mines park offers guests the chance to visit the mines from which minerals were extracted from Etruscan times through to the 20th century The Rocca di San Silvestro is the most characteristic part of the park; it is home to what remains of the miner’s village, complete with houses, a cemetery, church and industrial area. It is only a short car-drive away.

Nature Reserves

The area in which the Villaggio Mare Verde is located is full of nature reserves, some of which really are only a few minutes away. There is, for example, a trail that winds its way from the village through the Coastal Park of Sterpaia and on towards the sea. This reserve is home to many botanical species, and some of the trees – such as the traditional and Turkey oaks – are now impressively large. Another reserve that is close by is the one by the coast in Rimigliano where traditional Mediterranean brush behind the beach stretches along the coast for miles.

Tuscan Villages

There are several typical Tuscan villages close to the Villaggio Mare Verde, each of which is well-worth visiting.
Campiglia Marittima & Suvereto are two small villages perched on hills, filled with lanes that alternate with slightly wider roads to create an atmosphere of times gone by that is only enhanced by the sight of old stone buildings overlooking its various small squares.
Bolgheri Bolgheri is a gem of a historic village, reached along the 5 km long avenue lined with very tall cypress trees for which it is famous, having been described in a poem written by Giosuè Carducci, Italy’s first Nobel Prize winner for Literature.
The entryway to the village is also that of the castle that can be seen from some distance away. Once inside, it is only a short distance to the centre with its stone buildings, shops selling typical local products and small restaurants and wine bars where meals or snacks can be enjoyed whilst appreciating the quiet tranquillity of the village.
Bolgheri is only half an hour away from the Villaggio Mare Verde by car – perfect for a quick trip out into the countryside in the late afternoon followed by dinner and a glass or two of excellent wine.

Photo Gallery

A few photographs of the surroundings